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1.How Many Hours Do I Have The Venue For My Wedding?

The allotted time for the ceremony is two (2) hours to include setup, ceremony, photos, & teardown. The allotted time for reception is six (6) hours. All indoor receptions must conclude by 12am for indoor events. Outdoor recep- tions must conclude by 10pm.

2.Will I Have Exclusive Use Of The Resort On My Wedding Day?

To ensure the mutual enjoyment of the Resort and Club facilities for all of our valued members and guests, we are unable to grant exclusive access to the 217 acres of our property. While you will have exclusive access to your event space during your contracted hours, other areas of the Resort may be utilized for other events and for the use of our members and guests.

3.Do You Require Insurance?

Liability insurance is not required to have your event with us.

4.Do You Have An Exclusive Or Required Vendor List?

While we do not have an exclusive vendor list, we are happy to share a list of our preferred vendors with whom we have developed relationships and who know our venue well.

5.What Vendors Do I Need To Book Separately?

Vendors that we do not supply and that you would be responsible for booking separately include: your photog- rapher/ videographer, DJ or entertainment MC, florist, officiant, and a full wedding planner or day-of coordinator.

6.Do I Need A Wedding Planner To Get Married At The Resort?

You are not required to hire a wedding planner; however, we strongly recommended that you do, as Cheyenne Mountain Resort does not provide you with a day-of coordinator. A professional wedding planner or a day-of co- ordinator will really make a difference in managing the flow of your wedding day.

Your Catering Manager at the Resort WILL handle the following:

  • Diagramming the layout and table setup of your contracted rooms
  • Working with you on all food and beverage selections
  • Detailing your banquet event order which outlines specific event details pertaining to the food and beverage
  • menus and your service timeline
  • Overseeing the day-of setup of items provided by the Resort
  • Introducing you to our Resort contacts to assist with golf, spa, AV, room block reservations, and additional amenities
  • Acting as your primary Resort contact throughout the planning process
  • Ensuring a seamless transition to your assigned Banquet Captain for the wedding reception

Your Catering Manager at the Resort DOES NOT handle the following:

  • Detailing a wedding timeline for your wedding vendors and wedding party activities from getting ready to entertainment after dinner
  • Organizing and coordinating your ceremony rehearsal
  • Acting as the liaison with your family members, wedding party, vendors, and the Resort on the wedding day
  • Arranging the setup of any additional décor items including centerpieces, place cards, favors, guestbook, programs, etc.
  • Coordinating your ceremony (greeting guests, managing the processional and recessional, cueing music for your DJ and wedding party, etc.)
  • Coordinating your reception activities (grand entrance, first dance, toasts, cake cutting, grand exit, etc.)
  • Collecting and delivering flowers, cards, gifts, and other personal items to your designated location
  • Managing the wedding setup, teardown, and items to be removed and kept at the end of the event

7.Do You Allow For Outside Catering Vendors?

Due to liability and legal restrictions, no outside food or beverage of any kind may be brought into the Resort by the customer, guests, or any other suppliers. Cheyenne Mountain Resort will manage all of the food and beverage services for your event. Outside caterers are not allowed, with the exception of specialty dessert vendors who must hold a license within the state of Colorado and be pre-approved by the Resort.

8.When Is The Final Guest Count Due?

A final guaranteed number of attendance and your guests’ meal selections are due by 12:00pm 14 days prior to the wedding. If no final guarantee is provided, then the attendance listed on the contract will be used as the guarantee figure. All charges will be based upon the guarantees or the actual number of attendees served, whichever is larger.

9.How Do I Let You Know Of My Guests’ Individual Meal Selections?

The easiest and most discreet way to provide individual meal indicators is with place cards or escort cards. You can use a symbol or a color to indicate the individual’s entrée preference such as a red flower for beef, a blue flower for chicken, and a green flower for vegetarian. You will be responsible for acquiring and providing these cards during the wedding.

10.Can You Accommodate For Dietary Restrictions?

Yes, we can accommodate for any dietary restriction, but must know at the time of final guarantees. We recommend placing a line on your RSVP cards for guests to indicate if they have any allergies or dietary restrictions.

11.Are Children The Same Price?

Children ages 5 and under will receive a complimentary kids meal upon request. Children ages 6-12 may receive kids meals at $28 per meal, or enjoy the same menu packages as the adults at half price. To receive this pricing, kids must be indicated in the final guest count; any last minute requests for kids meals may be subject to full pricing.

12.Do I Need To Tip The Servers Or Bartenders?

Gratuities are included in the service charge. Any additional gratuity provided is at your discretion.

13.I Understand That I Have To Use Your Catering For My Event; However, Can I Bring In Snacks For The Wedding Party While We Are Getting Ready?

Yes, if you are using one of our guestrooms or Presidential Suites as a ready room, which is considered rented to you as private quarters for “personal” use and does not constitute a catered event. Please note that you would also need to provide your own utensils, plates, glasses, bottle openers, etc., and that any food or beverage provided may not be taken outside of these private rooms by your guests.

14.What Is The Cost Of A Cash Bar?

Cash bars are subject to a $150 bartender fee per 100 guests. Guest counts over 100 will require an additional bartender and bartender fee.

15.What Are My Options For An Open Or Hosted Bar?

Hosted bars can be set up in many different ways and our packages are customizable. Please ask your Catering Manager for a complete list of bar packages.

16.What Are Your Liquor/ Bar Policies?

Any outside liquor or beverage is strictly prohibited and will be confiscated if found. As the sole licensed purveyor for the establishment, Cheyenne Mountain Resort must purchase and pour all liquor served. All drinks must be mixed, and no shots will be served. The bar must close a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the event end time. Open bars may not exceed five (5) consecutive hours. The Resort reserves the right to refuse alcohol service to anyone at any time who is underage or overconsuming.

17.What Is The Difference Between The Ceremony Site Fees And The Ceremony Package Fees?

The ceremony site fee covers the rental for your ceremony location for a two (2) hour window of time, as this loca- tion would otherwise remain open for use to our members and guests.
The ceremony package fees include our white garden chairs, a water station, any additional tables and linens need- ed, and the setup and teardown of these items.

18.What If There Is Inclement Weather On The Day Of The Wedding?

The Resort will track the weather radar in the week leading up to the wedding and will plan to make a weather call by 5:00 PM on the day prior as to whether or not the event will need to be moved entirely indoors. Should there be a report of thirty percent (30%) or more chance of precipitation in the area, the ceremony will take place in a designated indoor back-up location. Temperatures below fifty (50) degrees and/or wind gusts in excess of twenty (20) mph shall also be cause to move the event indoors. In all cases, the Resort reserves the right to make the final decision for the safety of your guests and our employees. The FINAL weather call shall be made and put into effect no later than by 11:00 AM on the day of the wedding.

19.Do I Get My Ceremony Site Fee Back If The Wedding Is Moved Indoors?

Within two weeks leading up to the wedding, if the weather forecast is indicating inclement weather on the wed- ding day, then you can apply half of the contracted ceremony site fee to reserve a specific indoor location of your choosing (subject to current availability) as the guaranteed weather back-up. Otherwise, the indoor back-up would be held in the best available location when the weather call is made the day prior to the wedding, and the full cer- emony site fee would be refunded.

20.Is There Power Available For The Ceremony?

Yes, power access is available at all of our ceremony locations.

21.Do You Provide A Sound System?

Cheyenne Mountain Resort partners with Spectrum AV to provide you with any audio visual or décor needs you may have. Please ask your Catering Manager if you would like to be connected with Spectrum AV for pricing.

22.Can My Pet Be A Part Of The Ceremony?

We are a dog-friendly Resort and allow our furry friends to be a part of the ceremony only. Dogs will not be allowed in reception spaces, except for certified service animals. Dogs must be leashed, picked up after, and must have a designated caretaker at all times.

23.Can We Do A Ceremony Rehearsal?

You are allotted one (1) hour for a ceremony rehearsal at your contract location the day prior to the wedding, based on availability. If your ceremony space is unavailable the day prior to your wedding, we can provide an alternative space for your rehearsal. Ceremony rehearsal times can be scheduled up to 30 days prior to the wedding date.

24.Can We Have A Rehearsal Dinner Or A Welcome Reception At The Resort?

Absolutely! We can create a custom rehearsal dinner or welcome reception menu to fit your needs and will be sure to host you in a separate room from where the wedding reception will take place the following day. We would also be happy to host a farewell brunch for your traveling guests! Please ask your Catering Manager to contract for ad- ditional options no later than 14 days prior to the event.

25.Is There A “Ready Room” Included In The Wedding Packages?

We recommend utilizing our Resort guestrooms to serve as your ready rooms, which will apply toward a room block if contracted. A Board Room or a Hospitality Suite may also be reserved as an additional space to get ready, starting at $250. All guestrooms are based on availability at the time of contracting the wedding.

  • If you contract a minimum of $5,000: a complimentary guestroom is included for the night of the wedding. Most couples choose to reserve this room the night before the wedding as well to become a ready room for the morning of.
  • If you contract a minimum of $10,000: a complimentary guestroom is included for the night of the wedding, and an additional Presidential Suite* with a parlor room may be reserved for 50% off the current rate for a two (2) night stay.
  • If you contract a minimum of $20,000: a complimentary guestroom is included for the night of the wedding, and an additional Presidential Suite* with a parlor room may be reserved for 75% off the current rate for a two (2) night stay.
  • If you contract a minimum of $35,000: a complimentary guestroom and a Presidential Suite are included the night before the wedding as well as the night of the wedding.

*Most couples choose to reserve the Presidential Suite to use the parlor as a ready room in the morning, and stay in this suite the night of the wedding as an upgraded honeymoon suite. The Presidential Suite requires a two (2) night minimum stay. You may gift your complimentary guestroom to another family member or wedding guest.

26.Do You Offer Special Room Rates For Wedding Guests If I Book A Wedding With You?

Absolutely! Our wedding room blocks are based on availability and seasonality. We require a minimum of ten (10) contracted rooms per night.

27.Do I Have To Pay For The Rooms In My Room Block In Advance?

In order to set up a room block, we require a contract and a $500 deposit. This deposit is fully refundable given that all rooms in your block have been filled and you are not in default to attrition.

28.What Is Attrition?

Attrition is the number of rooms in your contracted room block for which you will not be penalized if unfulfilled. We allow for a ten percent (10%) decrease in the number of rooms contracted without financial penalty, up to a cut-off date (30 days prior to the check-in date).

For example, if you contract twenty (20) rooms, you are financially responsible for filling (“picking up”) a minimum of 18 room nights. The good news is that we count all of your group reservations toward your pick-up; therefore, if anyone in your room block comes early or stays late, those room nights will count towards attrition!

29.Do You Have Complimentary Parking?

Yes, we have complimentary parking for all of your guests at the Resort and they may leave their cars overnight whether they are staying with us or not.

30.Do You Offer Valet?

We can set up a valet service for your guests for an additional fee, based on season and availability.

31.Do You Provide Shuttle Services?

We provide transportation to and from our ceremony locations at the Country Club of Colorado and the main Re- sort lobby. We also provide airport transportation to and from the Colorado Springs Airport, reservations required, for an additional fee. We do not provide off-site transportation, but recommend contacting Grayline for any shuttle services you might need off property.

32.What Items Do You Provide?

All wedding reception packages include: tables & banquet chairs; ivory or black linens & coordinating napkins; Cheyenne Mountain Resort’s china, glassware, & flatware; a 16’x16’ dance floor (indoors only); and complimentary staging for a DJ or band upon request.

33.What Size Tables Do You Have?

  • 72” Rounds (seats 8-12 people)
  • 60” x 70” Ovals (seat 6-10 people)
  • 30” High Cocktail Rounds
  • 36” Low Cocktail Rounds
  • 42” Round Cake Table (limited inventory)
  • 36” x 36” Low Square Tables • Banquet Tables
  • 6’ x 30”
  • 6’ x 18”
  • 8’ x 30”
  • 8’ x 18”

34.Do You Allow Candles Or Sparklers?

Candles may be used if they are contained in glass such as votives, hurricane lamps, lanterns, or floating candles. Open-flamed candles and taper candles are not allowed. You may use sparklers for the grand exit as long as Colo- rado is not currently under any outdoor fire bans during the event.

35.What Items Are We Allowed To Throw During Our Celebrations?

For outdoor ceremonies, we allow flower girls to sprinkle real flower petals ONLY. However, we do not allow aisles to be lined with flower petals. Use of flower petals for indoor décor must be synthetic. Confetti, glitter, rice, and birdseed are strictly prohibited and may not be used or thrown anywhere on the property.

36.Can We Hang Décor Or Fabric From The Walls Or Ceilings?

We do not allow for any décor to be posted, nailed, screwed, taped, glued, or otherwise secured to the walls, floors, ceilings, or furniture. If you would like to add drapery as décor to any of our ballroom spaces, we would be happy to connect you with Spectrum AV for options and pricing.

37.Who Is Responsible For Setting Up And Taking Down Décor?

All décor setup and teardown are the responsibility of the client, your hired vendors, or your hired wedding planner. All setup, including deliveries, must take place during your contracted event hours and all teardown must be com- pleted at the conclusion of the event. Cheyenne Mountain Resort is not responsible for items left behind.

38.Are Taxes And Gratuity Included In The Package Pricings?

Taxes and gratuity are not included in the listed package pricing and will be added at a 23% service charge, 8.25% sales tax, and 2.25% PIF rate. Taxes and gratuity are added to certain portions of the packages, so please ask your Catering Manager for the exact breakdown.

39.What Is Pif?

A Public Improvement Fee (PIF) is a fee that developers may require their tenants to collect on sales transactions to pay for on-site improvements. The PIF is a fee and NOT a tax; therefore, it becomes a part of the overall cost of the sale/service and is subject to sales tax. Examples of these improvements include curbs and sidewalks, parking facilities, storm management system (including snow removal), sanitary sewer systems, road development (within the site), and outdoor public plazas.

40.What Is The Deposit?

A 25% deposit of your estimated total is required at the time of contract signing. The remaining 75% is due in in- stallments between contract signing and one (1) week prior to the event.